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Spa Life Foam Away

An effective and safe defoaming agent for spas, hot tubs, swimming pools and fountains. 500 ml bottle

Spa Life Scum Free

Eliminates scum line and oil build-up. 500 ml bottle

Spa Life Spa Clean

A low sudsing clean to remove dirt and calcium spots. 500 ml bottle

Spa Life Spa Magic

A multi-purpose additive that is a shock treatment, pH lock, alkalinity balance, calcium balance, clarifier, and softener in one. It is compatible with all sanitizers, ozone and mineral purifiers. 1 kg bottle

Spa Life Spa Soft Supreme

Developed to condition and enhance water quality. It is compatible with all types of algaecides and sanitizers. Reduces eye and skin irritation and promotes sparkling clear water. 500 gram bottle

Spa Life Super Clarifier

A weekly treatment used to keep spa water sparkling. It prevents oil and scum buildup without clogging the filter. 500 ml or 1 litre bottle

Spa Life Whirlpool & Hot Tub Rinse

Cleans and degreases the internal plumbing system for jetted baths and hot tubs. 500 ml bottle

Zorbie Hot Tub Water Bobble

Absorbs floating contaminants from the water reducing stress on the hot tubs filter and reducing the amount of chemicals required to keep the water crystal clear, clean, and odour free. 1 sponge