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Aqua Brite Plus

A non-halogenated (contains no chlorine or bromine) oxidizing agent to be used for “shock treating” swimming pool water. Dissolves completely with no calcium buildup. Reduced skin and eye irritation caused by chloramines. 1 kg, 2 kg, or 8 kg bottles

Aqua Easy Shock Plus

A granular unstabilized chlorine (also known as Lithium Hypochlorite) used for superchlorination (or shock treating) of swimming pool water. 1 kg, 2 kg, or 7 kg

H.T.H Super Shock

HTH® Super Shock! Pool Shock Treatment is a 4-in-1 shock formulated with Cal Hypo to kill and prevent bacteria and algae for crystal clear, healthy water. Each pound of Super Shock! treats 13,500 gallons and restoring crystal clarity in just 24 hours. HTH® Super Shock! is for all pool types and won’t fade your pool liner. Test and shock water weekly to keep your pool clear all season long! 454 gram packet, 3 x 454 gram packets, or 6 kg pail