Solar Pool Covers

The Sunbubble™ solar pool cover fits any pool and most reel systems, whether used on an in ground or above-ground, from small to Olympic size. Within minutes it can be trimmed to fit any shaped pool.

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Maintaining your pool can cost a small fortune as costly chemicals and water are continually being lost through evaporation. The Sunbubble™ reduces this evaporation. Your chemical costs are also reduced, and your water loss is virtually eliminated. The Sunbubble™ dramatically increases the efficiency of your pool heater, reducing heating costs.

The sun’s heat is transmitted through the translucent Sunbubble™ and is absorbed in the water below. floating on the surface, thousands of unique solar air cells retain the absorbed heat to raise the pool temperature by up to 10-15˚ F. This lets you swim comfortably more hours in the day, more days in the year.

  • Canadian Made
  • Keeps Pool Warm & Saves Energy!
  • Complete Reel Systems Available

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