Pool Toys

We have a wide selection of pool toys in stock. We have a selection of items ranging from the typical pool noodles to large floating islands and floating chaises. Drop by our showroom to pick some new toys for the season.

Visit our showroom in Peterborough or Lindsay to pick out this summer's toys.

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Here's a few samples of what we have in store - supplies are limited.

Pooljam Basketball & Volleyball Combo for Above-ground Pools

Pooljam Basketball & Volleyball Combo for Inground Pools

Pooljam Basketball for Inground Pools

Divesite Snorkel and Mask

Floating Teranimal Penguin Thermometer

Frog Floating Chlorinator

Sunskiff 3-person Rubber Boat Kit

Coolpod Sunshad Floating Lounger

Suntan Tub Lounge

The Sphere

The Cube Habitat

The Crazy Cow

Torpedo Glider

Visit our Showroom, click for Directions

We Service What We Sell

Our technicians are factory certified. We can provide service and accurate advice for all products that we sell.

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